Thursday, January 22, 2009

I'm Into Money

Before you go getting all excited for me, I didn’t win the lotto………yet. But I did play and you gotta play to win, right? We’ve had the lotto in Florida for years now and I have taken for granted that picking some numbers on Wednesday or Saturday could make me an instant multi-millionaire. But now, we have Powerball! That’s really big money and I played on Wednesday night but didn’t win. That’s okay, no one else did either so now it’s rolled over and the pot is even bigger so tonight I have another shot at it.

I don’t usually get excited about Lotto but for some reason having a chance to win “Powerball” got me all excited. I have found myself daydreaming about what I’d spend my winnings on.

So far my list goes something like this:

My own bookstore – I’ve always thought it would be neat to have access to that many books.

A commercial Keurig coffeemaker with the waterline plumbed in so I don’t have to fill up the container constantly.

And, maybe a pantry with all my favorite coffees would be nice. I really like the Paul Newman Extra Bold. It’s a Fair Trade coffee so that’s a good thing. The Diedrich French Roast is good too. I like the strong ones but they need to have a rich flavor.

A personal shopper to go out and find clothes and bring them to me to try on; I hate to go clothes shopping and they can bring some shoes, too. I have a really narrow foot and it’s a pain to find shoes.

Travel would be nice. I’d like to spend several months in Europe just seeing everything at a slow pace. And oddly, I’d like to live in Manhattan for about a month or so; long enough to see all the shows that I want to see and to visit all of the museums and restaurants.

Of course, I have to have a house in the historical district in Savannah. I get homesick sometimes and this way I could just go up and stay as long as I want. Oh, I suppose I’ll need a private jet to run up there when I want.

I’d do lots of things for charity of course. I have my special causes that I would give to: Alzheimer’s Research, St. Jude’s Children Hospital, that group of plastic surgeons that donate their time to children born with cleft palates, and definitely I’d give some money to countries that need a fresh water supply and schools for children in countries that don’t have money to provide education.

I’m sure that my family will have some items that they would like so I’ll save money for that.

Oh, I know one more thing. I bet I could talk Bill and Elle Dee into giving up TIBU for the right amount of money or heck; we wouldn’t even need them, would we? We could start our own.

Looking back over my list, I realize that I’m really a simple person to please. Give me a good cup of coffee and some books and I’m pretty happy; I’d just like to see some other happy as well.

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