Thursday, January 22, 2009

Don't Cry

“Don’t cry,” he said, “I can’t bear it if you cry
I know you have to leave, just don’t say good-bye
Let’s walk awhile in the garden, talk of other days
Days when we were happy, in a lovers’ haze"

“You have obligations, I know that is true
But in making others happy, what about you?
Living your life as others expect you to live
How much of yourself are you willing to give?”

“Be brave,” she said, “you know I want to stay”,
He smiles and looks for a soft spot for them to lay.
“My heart is breaking, too, it’s not only you that feels the pain
Oh, my I really have to go now, it’s beginning to rain.”

“I’ll call you soon and we’ll decide what to do”
She called to him as she ran, “remember, I love you.”
In his heart, he knew that there would be no call
She came to say good-bye and she had after all.

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