Saturday, November 8, 2008

Wheee...........I Got a Wii

I guess I’m going through my second childhood because I really get a kick out of playing video games especially Wii. That game system is so amazing.

Two of my sons and their families have Wiis so I had played it several times and thought it would be fun to have one of my own. So, I started looking to find one. Not an easy task. Apparently, they were pretty easy to get until Wii Fit came out and then an entire new group of consumers joined the Wii craze. I started out by calling around at the usual places: Target, Wal-Mart, K-Mart but no luck so then I set out to the game stores. That’s a real experience going into those. There are some hardcore video players out there. It’s like a whole subculture that I didn’t know existed. When I stopped in one of the several game stores in my area, there would be these guys in their 30’s and 40’s in the store looking for some new game that was coming out and they were very serious about it. I had to go in a several times before I was lucky enough to get one and I saw some of the same guys in there every time. I started to wonder if they worked or just played games.

I went in early one morning after they had just opened and they had one Wii left. Yay! I got one! I was so excited and couldn’t wait until I could get home and hook it up. When I got home there was a message from my daughter-in-law. I had asked what my granddaughter wanted for her birthday and she finally decided and my daughter-in-law called to tell me. Guess what she wanted? Yep, a Wii. So, I put the newly purchased Wii in the closet to be wrapped. She also really wanted a Wii Fit so now I was in hot pursuit of a Wii Fit. Back to the game stores and no luck. No one knew when a shipment would arrive so I was told I’d have to check back. After daily visits to all the abovementioned stores and the game stores, I decided to hit Toys “r” Us and it was my lucky day. They had received a shipment earlier that day and still had three. So I took one and tried to purchase another but they’d only sell one. Where’s my Groucho glasses and mustache when I need it?

Okay, now I had the birthday Wii and Wii Fit but I still wanted one. By this time it was more the challenge than anything. So for a couple of weeks, I made the rounds of all the places that I knew and added Circuit City and Best Buy to the mix so by now I have about a dozen places to check. This had become a mission. Finally, last week I went into one of the game stores and lo and behold, they had one Wii left so I got that. I unpacked it and connected it and played like a kid but I still wanted the Wii Fit. I checked one of the game stores and he said to come back the next day between 11 and 12 and he would be getting a shipment. Ten of eleven, I walked in the store and there was a line. Guess I wasn’t the only one the store clerk told about the shipment. I was number seven in line and we were told the UPS man would be delivering sometime in the next hour.

In the next hour and a half, the seven of us in line got fairly friendly. It was a diverse group: a female firefighter/paramedic who knew my son from the fire department; a mother with three kids, each of which had an I Phone; a woman from New York that did nothing but complain about the people down here in Florida (Hell, they’re all from New York and New Jersey); a guy who only smiled when the rest of us spoke; a belly dancer instructor from Canada who now lives down here; a lady with a very heavy unknown accent; and me. The conversation was interesting to say the least and helped to pass the time.

Ah, finally the UPS man. We all clapped and he must have felt very special to have all these people excited to see him. The guy behind the counter unpacked that box and started ringing up the Wii Fits within seconds of the delivery. I think he was looking forward to getting us out of the store. He looked a little panicky and I started to worry because I was the last in line. He had said that he was getting eight. After doing a quick count, he looked relieved because he had only received seven. That was close! As everyone paid for their Wii and left, it was like parting with old friends. Lots of “Have fun with your Wii; enjoy the rest of your summer; nice to talk to you, etc.” The belly dance instructor gave me her card and told me I should come in and try the lessons and to bring the granddaughters.

I was the last to pay and when my Wii Fit was handed to me, I thought this was a very unique experience. The entire search and the wait in line had been fun. I was left hoping that playing with the game itself would be as much fun. After playing a week or so, I have to say it is definitely fun and the Wii Fit makes you get a little exercise. I love the fishing and the target shooting. Now, I’m heading out to get a Guitar Hero. Who knew that I could become a rock star at my age? What’s next? Hmm…I wonder what I did with that belly dance instructor’s card.

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