Friday, November 6, 2009

I Am the Color Red

I am the color red.
I’m a dozen roses delivered on her birthday.
I’m the suit that Santa wears on Christmas morning when he brings presents to children across the land.
I’m a shiny new wagon that a little boy puts his dog in and pulls happily down the street.
I’m a Valentine given to the prettiest girl in the class at school.
I’m the shiny apple a child shyly places on his teacher’s desk.
I’m the flashy little convertible racing down the street causing heads to turn.
I’m the sun setting into the ocean at the end of a beautiful day.
I’m the stripes in Old Glory flying proudly in the wind.
I’m the lipstick she puts on before walking out the door.

I’m the blood that runs freely on the streets of our cities and on the battlefields in a foreign land.
I am the color red.

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